New Yale Colleges


This website would not have been possible without the contributions of many Yale alumni, students, faculty, and community members.

We are grateful for the amazing work that Rachel Smith SY ’08 did to create the eight beautiful shields for the New Yale Colleges. We would also like to thank Eli Vickery SM ’10 for helping to get the website up and running. We would also like to express our gratitude to members of the Yale Asian American Students Alliance (, including Jessica Liang TD ’17, James Ting DC ’15, Austin Long CC ’15, Connie Lu MC ’15, Gwen Antell PC ’16, Casey Lee PC ’17, Dana Lee SM ’17, and Yuni Chang MC ’18, for providing much needed on-campus support with publicity.

We also are indebted to our team of wonderful writers for researching and drafting the alumni profiles:

Last but certainly not least, we were humbled by the tremendous outpouring of financial support from the Yale community to make this website a reality. Through our Indiegogo campaign, we raised over $1,500 to support these advocacy efforts. Seventy-seven generous funders pitched in, making donations as large as $200. While we are unfortunately unable to thank each of you by name here, we are incredibly grateful for your support.

The contributors to this project represent a cross-section of the global Yale community, and the diversity of support reaffirms the importance of this project’s mission. Thank you very much for helping to make this project a reality!

Contributor Biographies

Rachel Eeva Smith, SY ‘08
Since graduating Yale in 2008 with a BA in Studio Art and a concentration in Graphic Design, Rachel Eeva Smith has worked on a wide variety of projects. She is currently a book designer at Candlewick Press by day and an avid maker of art by night. To contact her or view her complete resume, please visit

Martine Powers, ES ’11

Martine is a journalist who writes about issues related to transportation, infrastructure, and urban design. After graduating from Yale in 2011 with a degree in African American Studies, she worked at the Boston Globe for three years as a metro reporter. Since fall 2014, she has been on a Fulbright Fellowship in Trinidad and Tobago, where she manages the news website